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LiteTrail Titanium Wing Stove


LiteTrail Titanium Tri-Wing Stove with Notch

An ultralight titanium tri-wing stove for solid fuels such as Esbit. Custom modified notched wing tips for use with our 550 mL cookpot to make it more stable.

The modified stove is a standard ti-wing stove, which has been modified to fit our 550 mL cookpot; to provide a stable snug fit when sitting the loaded cookpot on the stove. The modification is a 1/4" half-moon concave on the upper tip of each wing; just inside of the point. Our cookpot nests very snug on the wings. This will not affect the stoves usage with other cookpots which are narrower or wider, but simply adds a form-fitted adjustment for our 550 mL cookpot. If you already own a ti-wing stove, you can DYI this modification with a rotary tool, though it is quite arduous due to the hardness of the alloy.


  • One piece design functions as cook pot stand and fuel holder
  • Sized perfectly to fit our 550 mL cookpot and windscreen
  • Updated super compact design for easy storage
  • Simply set your solid fuel tablet on the stove's tray and light


  • Weight: 0.46 oz (13 g)
  • Material: Thin-Wall Titanium Alloy
  • Made In: China

What's Included

  • (1) Titanium wing stove
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