LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System

LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System - v3 - New 2014!

The LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System contains everything you need for a complete ~3 oz ultralight cook kit with a 550 mL capacity. Designed as one unit, to work together as a whole, our cook system includes a super ultralight (SUL) cookpot with or without handles and lid, solid fuel stove / stand, wind screen, ground protection and a premium Cuben Fiber storage stuff sack.

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What's New/Improved for v3 (2014)!

  • New stronger wind screen and ground protector: Slightly thicker ti-foil results in what we feel is the perfect balance between durability and weight.
  • New wind screen design: Non-fixed slide-lock closure so you can "roll" the wind screen up inside the cookpot walls and claim 100% of the interior space for storing other items. No paperclips, no spot-welds. Updated height, now 5mm taller for more protection from the elements.
  • Adjusted heat resistant tubing position: The heat resistant tubing on the handles has been shortened slightly so the flame does not burn the lower portion.
  • New stuffsack color: The color of the stuffsack is a light OD green in the same 0.75oz cuben weight as before, with a "camo" pull-tab.
  • New stuffsack cordlock: The stuffsack features a new cordlock that is almost weightless and pretty cool. We call it a curly cordlock and don't think you've ever seen it.
  • New Mini BIC premium lighter included*: We've made the "system" more complete by adding a fuel ignition source.
  • Included 3 genuine Esbit brand 14g Fuel tabs*: Enough fuel for a quick overnighter or weekend for hardcore hikers.
  • NEW v3 2014 Cook System TOTAL Weight: 3.40 oz Handles / 2.97 No Handles (+-0.20 oz)

"The premium ultralight backpacking cook system that is lightweight, self-contained, simple and fun to use!"

Individual Items

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What's Included

  • (1) 550 mL Cookpot (with heat resistant handles on handle-version), (1) Cookpot lid (1) Wing-stove with fuel-tray, (1) wind screen, (1) Ground Protector, (1) Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack, (1) Mini BIC lighter*, (3) Esbit 14g tablets*.

* Mini BIC lighter and Esbit Tablets promotion for US Domestic shipping only due to regulations.

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