LiteTrail will be closing down once the current inventory is sold. We will continue to offer the NyloBarrier Odor Proof Bags and Pack Liners on a different site soon after closing. It was a pleasure to serve the UL community, and thank you for your future support!

LiteTrail NyloBarrier Odor Proof Bag

LiteTrail NyloBarrier Odor Proof Bag (3-Pack)

LiteTrail NyloBarrier Odor Proof bags are the perfect ultralight storage solution for the scented items you bring into the outdoors. Made from an ultra durable plastic film for long life and sized just right for most commercial bear bags and canisters, these OP sacks will shave ounces off your gear list and save you money.

UPDATE: Three (3) twist ties are now included. This gives you one per bag.

RECOMMENDED and TESTED by Brian's Backpacking Blog. See his review: A Real Test for Odor-Proof Bags.

Until now, there has been only one solution for storing scented items in the outdoors. While effective, the existing method is more expensive, prone to zip closure failure and weigh 3x more compared to our NyloBarrier Odor Proof bags.

Usage Tip: Our odor proof bags are meant to be used as a liner inside a more durable bear bagging stuff sack or canister, such as those made from cuben fiber or silnylon. Though the material is very durable, they are not designed to be used alone.

NOTE: Water resistant, not water proof. In high humidity or when exposed to direct contact with water over extended periods of time (~8 hours), this film could transmit a hint of moisture. This can be a good thing, because unlike a fully water proof material, NyloBarrier bags "breath" in terms of water vapor (not scent) and allow the contents to dry out on their own.


  • A low-cost odor proof storage solution
  • Lightest weight solution available, 70% lighter than the alternative
  • Effective odor barrier without an overkill design, no ziplock closure to fail
  • Incredibly durable material, 2x stronger and 50% thinner than 2mm polyethylene bags
  • Makes choosing to include an odor barrier in your kit much more attractive
  • Sized to fill a BearVault to 100% capacity and to roll over the outside for easy packing with food.
  • Chemical, oil, grease and thermal resistant
  • FDA food grade plastic that is safe for food
  • ASTM F1927 odor barrier tested


  • Weight (each): 0.45 oz (13 g)
  • Size: 14 wide X 24" tall (8.9" diameter as cylinder)
  • Tolerence: +/- 1/8" wide, +/- 1" tall
  • Safety: FDA Food Grade

What's Included

  • (3) NyloBarrier Odor Proof Bags, (3) Polyester Twist Ties
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