LiteTrail G-Line 2 Polyester Dyneema Guyline Cord 15m

LiteTrail G-Line 2 Polyester Dyneema Guyline Cord 15m

The ultimate all season shelter guyline for the lightweight hiker. Just the right diameter for winter camping or when you need a thicker diameter cordage. A super strong 2 mm polyester-dyneema guyline with an incredible 615 lbs breaking strength.

A premium guyline made from a 100% SK75 Heat Set Dyneema core with a tightly wound polyester cover for high abrasion residence and a stiff hand. Heat treated to create almost no stretch.

Same materials and construction as or G-Line 1.0, just in a thicker diameter. Great for winter camping when you need a thicker line for handling with gloves. Works with Line-Loks and other shelter guyline tensioning cleats and buckles.

A note on knots: With new line, make sure to snug up any hitches or loops to prevent slippage; with the Tautline Hitch, add a third wrap for slip-free holding power. Once your line is broken in, this won't be needed.

Want a thinner diameter guyline? Try our LiteTrail G-Line 1 on your summer shelter!


  • Hi-Vis Color: Helps prevent guyline tripping
  • Stealth Color: Blends in natural environment
  • Ultra Stiff Hand: Helps prevent tangling and makes it easier to undo knots
  • Optimized: A little less than 2 mm in diameter makes for the perfect balance between line control and strength/weight
  • Ultralight: The lightest 2 mm polyester covered SK75 Dymeena (a.k.a. Spectra) shelter guyline available


  • Colors: Hi-Vis Orange, Stealth Gray (Black and White mix)
  • Material: Polyester covered 100% SK75 Dyneema (a.k.a. Spectra)
  • Construction: 12-Strand Braided
  • Diameter: 1.9 mm
  • Length: 49.2 ft (15 m)
  • Breaking Strength: 615 lbs (280 kg)
  • Weight: 1.15 oz / 49.2 ft (33 g / 15 m)

What's Included

  • (1) 15m Hank of cordage.